Texas made…

Texas is renowned for producing some of the finest agricultural products in the world. From the world’s finest cotton, premium beef and an abundance of wheat and grain commodities.


But did you know…?  Texas has over 60 million acres of total forest land and has some of the most sought after hardwoods used for cooking. There are over 17 million acres of Mesquite and 22 Million acres of a variety of Oak species along with other hardwoods like Hickory, Pecan and Wild Black Cherry.


Gourmet Wood ® Products, Inc.  is uniquely positioned in the geographic center of the Texas Forrest heartland, our products are practically grown in our own back yard. This allows us to sustainably source our wood and produce the finest cooking wood for smoking in the world.


Texas, having no shortage of wood, along with being geographically located in the center of the United States; allows us to meet the logistical needs of our clients on both the East and West coast.