Four Reasons to Fuel your Fire with Gourmet Wood ® Products, Inc.

There’s nothing better than a perfectly barbecued set of ribs, smoked brisket , or flavorful stone-fired pizza. Since 1982 when we split our first log, we have been committed to fueling your next perfect dish-whether that’s with our oak logs, pecan wood, or other distinct wood cut to fit your restaurant’s unique needs.

“Our commitment to you is simple: provide the best wood for cooking available. PERIOD.”

So, why is Gourmet Wood a perfect partner for your business or your next backyard barbecue?

  • Taste: We understand the importance of providing the best flavor profiles to your customer which is why we carry the most sought after species like our one-of-a-kind Honey Mesquite wood. We package the wood individually by species and subspecies to ensure that cross-contamination (that could affect taste profiles) does not occur during the cooking process.
  • Consistency: Gourmet Wood® produces standardized restaurant wood so your menu will have a consistently great taste profile that will not change from season to season.
  • Clean: We are one of the only producers in the industry that keeps our firewood on concrete after going through a-one-of-a-kind cleaning process. This allows our wood to be delivered with the lowest excess debris possible. Our products exceed industry quality standards. Never chemically treated, our wood is seasoned and then kiln-dried in a process perfected through years of experience. Our quality control team ensures that all of our products have optimum moisture content before shipment.
  • Uniform: Consistent and uniform in size with specified dimensions required by industrial class ovens and grills, such as our perfect cut Apple Wood chips or chunks.

Gourmet Wood ® Products understands the taste of your food starts with the source. Our superior production methods and final product will ensure that your every dish is cooked to perfection. Our commitment to you is simple: provide the best wood for cooking available. PERIOD. Let us fuel your next fire and your passion. See our testimonials here from current customers and culinary artists!