Gourmet Wood® Products, Inc.


Family owned and operated; here at Gourmet Wood® Products, Inc., we know what it means to do things right. We’ve been doing it that way since we split our first log back in 1982. Our commitment is as simple now as it was then: to produce the best wood for cooking available-period.


Over the years we have developed state of the art production methods that allow us to deliver a consistent, customizable product that is first class in the hardwood cooking fuel industry. Our clients need the best restaurant grade wood available. Listening to our client’s needs Gourmet Wood® has built a business model that caters to the restaurant industry.


Gourmet Wood® Products, Inc. is one of the largest producers of cooking wood in the United States. Our clients, from privately owned, to big chain restaurants depend on consistency and quality that only the best in the industry can deliver. We understand the needs of the restaurant industry, that is why we are highly focused on fast and reliable service.


We carry the most sought after species of hardwood, Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan, three different Oak species and many types of fruit wood. We know that all restaurants are not the same, that is why we made all our products customizable to fit your needs.

We have partnered with most major Food Service Distributers such as Ben E. Keith, Sysco, Performance Food Group and more. This assures that your source for cooking fuel is no more than a click or phone call away.


Find out why restaurants around the world depend on our product to consistently provide the highest quality taste profiles to their menu. Whether it’s the best BBQ you have ever had, salmon cooked just right or the wood fired pizza that you can’t get anywhere else,

Gourmet Wood® fueled the fire.