Topsoil - $27 Per Cubic Yard or $22 > 6 Cubic Yards

Hardwood Mulch - $18 per Cubic Yard

Cedar Mulch - $22 Per Cubic Yard or $20 >20 Cubic Yards

Bulk Pricing Available For:

·      Landscaping business

·      Nurseries

·      Business to Business

·      Large Jobs

· Home and Garden Stores

Delivery based on location and volume.

For more information:

Call: 817-572-2222

Charles Newell

Charles Newell

Newell Carpentry & Remodeling, Fort Worth, TX

"I often get asked what makes my grilling and smoking of fine meats and vegetables taste so good! I'd like to just take all the credit for being such an amazing cook, but the true secret is in the wood! Hank Hill had it all wrong! There's absolutely no flavor in cooking with propane or propane accessories, but with the right wood, lump charcoal, or a combination of different woods makes a HUGE difference! So when I'm working my magic around the grill/smoker, I know it's going to taste good because I'm cooking with the fines Gourmet Wood products available! Whether it's Hickory, Oak, Mesquite, Pecan, Apple or Cherry they have it in every size to accommodate your needs! Love those folks, and their respect of fine quality woods! Git-r-dun y'all." -Charles Newell