The Cut of the Wood.


Gourmet Wood® manufactures a variety of seasoned wood products cut to specifications

accommodate all types of equipment used in the cooking process. Our most common dimensions are Chips, Chunks, 11 inch Mini logs, 16 inch logs, Pizza Cut Logs (Smaller Diameter) and Cedar Planks.


Electric & Gas Grills: Use Wood Chips

Using wood chips is the preferred method for gas and electric grills. If you have Chip Smoker box on hand, you can place the chips in it and lay them on top of the grate. If a smoke box is not available, aluminum foil can be used in its place. Just wrap the foil around about a hand full of chips and poke holes in the top.  It is often mentioned that you should pre-soak your chips in water before placing them on the grill, this is not necessary. The only thing this accomplishes is to increase the time it takes for the chips to start

smoking. It does not extend burn time, and creates steam instead of smoke which can negatively affect your end product.


Charcoal Grills & Industrial Grills with Limited Space: Use Chunks or Wood Chips

Our premium wood chunks come in a convenient 3” X 3” X 3” Inch size. Perfect for those that have your standard back yard grill and those that have limited room for larger hardwood logs. Soaking the wood chunks in water is not necessary, just place a few wood chunks directly on your pre-heated charcoal to start the smoking process. It is recommended to do this before placing the food on the grate as wood chunks can increase the temperature.


Large Grills, Smoke Houses and Industrial Sized Smokers or Grills: Mini-Logs or 16” Logs

Gourmet Wood® manufactures 11” Mini-Logs and 16” Full sized logs for use in larger professional grade smokers and grills. This cut of hardwood is intended to burn longer and hotter than smaller cut wood which makes it perfect for food production in a restaurant or competition environment.


Pizza Split Wood Logs: Custom Grills with wood trays & Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Gourmet Wood® Products offers “Pizza Split-

Cut” wood of almost all the species we carry. Pizza split logs are thinner than our normal 16’’ logs.

Approx. 16″ X 2″ X 2″ Pizza split logs offer a smaller form factor that works great with Industrial and custom made grills with smaller diameter wood trays. Pizza Split also burns hotter faster, which makes it an excellent choice for Wood fired Pizza Ovens.


Hardwood Species: What Wood Would You Use

Our Products:

Honey Mesquite,  Pecan,  Hickory,  Oak,  Post Oak,  White Oak,  Maple,  Apple,  Cherry &  Cedar Planks.

Gourmet Wood® carries the most sought after species of hardwood. Different species produce different flavors. While taste is subjective, use the guide below as a reference.